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404 File Not Found Error when Accessing the Admin Control Panel from the Designer Component

This error is usually due to a problem with the path to the Admin Script URL (rwsad5.pl). The correct path to the script admin must be entered in the Web Form Properties of each form so that the software knows where to publish the web form. 
When you go to the ribbon, then Web|Control Panel Launch, Remark Web Survey attempts to take you to the Admin Control Panel and follows the path written in Web Form Properties as the Admin Script URL. If the following error The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found appears, an incorrect Admin Script URL was entered into the software. Sometimes the error can be as small and challenging to locate as a typo, so many users prefer to copy and paste URLs instead.

Double click the node for Web Form (the top node of the form in the tree view list) to access the web form's properties. Enter the correct path to the Admin script (e.g., http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/rwsad5.pl or http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/rwsad4.pl) or modify the one that is there. If you do not know this information, check with your website administrator.

It is also recommended that you enter the path to the scripts in the software's options under Application button (the globe in the upper left corner of Remark Web Survey)|Web Survey Options|General|Server Details. Entering the correct Admin Script URL and Data Script URL (rws5.pl) here allows you to create all your subsequent forms using this information. Once you have entered the information here as a global setting, it will be written to every new form that you create.

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