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Adding Non-Question Elements to a Test Form

You can add labels, images and lines to your test form.

Labels are useful to add free text, such as instructions or headings for sections on your form.

Images are useful for adding logos to your forms, or for putting question information contained in an image on your form (e.g. a passage of text to read then answer questions on).

Lines are useful for separating questions from one another.

For all of these elements, once they are created you can drag them around the form to reposition them.

Start on the Edit Test page.

To Insert a Label:

  1. Click the Add button and choose Label.
  2. Enter the Label Text and then choose the Alignment for the label: Left, Center or Right.
  3. Select the letter "A" to change the font typesize, make the text bold or italic, or change the color. Then click OK
  4. Click the Save Section button to save the label.

To Insert an Image:

  1. Click the Add button and choose Image.
  2. Drag the image to the box or click in the box to select an image. Images must be in the PNG, JPG or GIF format and can be no larger than 200 KB.
  3. Click the Layout tab to choose the Alignment for the image: Left, Center or Right. Then choose the zoom level.
  4. Click the Save Section button to save the image.

To Insert a Line:

  1. Click the Add button and choose Line.
  2. Choose the Width of the line in terms of percentage across the page.
  3. Choose the Thickness of the line using the slider (1-5).
  4. Choose the Color of the line.
  5. Choose the Alignment for the line: Left, Center or Right.
  6. Click the Save Section button to save the line.

To Insert a Line Break:

  1. Click the Add button and choose Line Break.
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