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Administrator Settings: Email Permissions

Remark Test Grading Cloud has a set of email permissions to help you use the application in the best way suited to you. As the account administrator, you are setting up email preferences for your teachers.

To access the settings click Account Dashboard. Then click the ellipsis (three dots) and choose Account SettingsClick Email Permissions on the left. 

Submission Whitelist

A whitelist is a list of email addresses that are allowed to send you email. By default, your teacher login/email address is allowed. This feature is used to email test answer sheets directly to Remark Test Grading Cloud and have them automatically graded. If there are other email addresses you want to allow, you can enter them here. For example, if a teacher wants to work from home and use a gmail email address, you can enter it here. This way if they send test answer sheets to the cloud via this email address, they will be accepted. If you want to enter an entire domain, enter the domain name (e.g. gravic.com).

If you want to allow teachers to edit their own individual whitelist, mark the checkbox for Allow teachers to customize their whitelist.

Automatic Submission Replies (Attachment Permissions)

If you choose to email test answer sheets to Remark Test Grading Cloud, you can select which reports, data and gradebook files to have the system email back to you. As the administrator, you are setting which files teachers can choose to send to themselves. Choose the desired reports, data files and gradebook options from each list. If you aren’t sure which types are typically used, mark them all. Individual teachers can then choose which files they are interested in by selecting them in their own email settings. When a test is emailed to the cloud, these items are automatically sent back to you once the tests are graded. 

Once you have the settings as desired, click the Save Email Settings button.

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