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Answer Piping: Using a Respondent’s Answer from one Question as an Answer Choice for Another Question

It is possible to place the output of an answer pipe into another question's answer element. Displaying the answer to one question in the text of another subsequent question, label or answer is called answer piping.

For example, suppose you are surveying new car owners. You ask a question on page one about the color of the car they purchased. Then on page two, you ask a question about what influenced their decision to purchase the car. One of your answer choices could include the color of the car they purchased. You would use answer piping to "pipe" in the color they entered on page one of the survey.

Important note:  In order to use answer piping, the question from which you are drawing the answer must be on a previous page from the answer where you are adding the answer pipe.

To use answer piping in an answer:

  1. Insert a question or individual answer element.
  2. Go to the answer item to which you wish to add the answer pipe. You can get to the answer item's properties either through the question properties window or the answer properties window.
  3. Go to the Answers portion of the Properties window.
  4. In the answers grid, select the answer to which you wish to add the answer pipe.
  5. Click Access current answer's properties.
  6. Click Insert answer pipe.
  7. Under Source Question, choose the Question that will contain the answer you wish to pipe into the current answer. (Remember that the source question must be on a different page than the current question.) When selecting questions, you may display the question by question text or field name using the radio buttons for each on the screen. The Answer Pipe example window shows you how the question will appear in the properties window and on the actual web form.
    Note: If using a Login page, you can use the Username, Name and Email fields from the Login page as source questions.
  8. Click the OK button to return to the Answer Properties window. You will see the question text from the question you inserted as an answer pipe. This text is a placeholder for the piped answer. You may not change the text. However, you may format the text. For example, you can click within the pipe placeholder, turn on rich text formatting and apply font characteristics to the text. You may also add punctuation or other text around the pipe placeholder. If you need to delete the answer pipe, click anywhere inside of the pipe text and press the Delete key on your keyboard. To edit an existing answer pipe, click the placeholder text, click Insert answer pipe and then choose a new question. The old answer pipe question text will be replaced with that of the new question.
  9. Click the OK button to save the answer.

Once the answer piping is applied to your web form, respondents will answer the "source" question, and then when they arrive at the question containing the answer in which you included the answer pipe, they will see the answer they typed into the source question as part of the answer text.

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