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Auto Generating Passwords in Remark Web Survey

Password protection allows you to require respondents to enter a valid password before they can access your web form. Applying passwords to a web form is accomplished using a Login page. Passwords can be manually entered into Remark Web Survey, imported from a database or generated right in the Password List Builder.

For example, you may automatically generate random passwords for respondents in the Password List Builder for existing names or email addresses. This feature is useful if you have a list of recipients in an external file but do not have a password for each one.

To use the Random password generator feature:

  1. You must first enter or import the names or email addresses of the recipients into the Password List Builder found by going to the Login Page Properties window and then clicking on the Password List Builder.
  2. Then click the Random button, found at the bottom of the Password List Builder window.
  3. Select the length of passwords, whether to include symbols in the password (otherwise passwords will be a combination of letters and numbers only) and whether to overwrite any existing passwords (if there are any).
  4. Click the OK button to generate the passwords.

Alternatively, if you want to enter a range of passwords in sequential order, you may create these in the Password List Builder by dragging the cells:

  1. Enter the first password in the first cell of the password grid.
  2. Click on the right cell border until you see a crosshair and then drag down the column until you reach the number of rows you wish to fill.
  3. When you release the mouse button, the software will automatically fill the passwords in a sequential order. For example, if you type 1 in the first box and then drag downward to encapsulate 100 cells, you will have a password range of 1-100.
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