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Can I Use a PDF to Create my Form Template?

Remark Office OMR works on the premise that your form template image matches the images of the filled in forms that you scan. When Remark Office OMR processes your forms, it is constantly comparing what it sees in the scanned images of the filled in forms with the image you provided in the form template. The software is able to make those numerous comparisons best when the two images are the same in every way. The images ideally are scanned on the same scanner at the same resolution using the same brightness settings. When the images have this 'apples to apples' relationship, the expectations you create in the form template are satisfied by the scanned images you process.  This allows for more accurate data collection from the completed forms.

If you use a PDF converted from a Word document, the image may be much more crisp and pristine than a scanned image of your form, and the compression rate may differ than a printed copy that is scanned. You may have noticed that scanned documents can look somewhat altered by the process. When the software expects to see scanned images that are similar to the PDF it may have problems recognizing corresponding forms that have been scanned. Regions may not be in the correct locations because of scaling differences between the PDF and scanned versions.

The bottom line is that the form template image should always be a scanned image. The only time you would use a PDF is if the PDF was created by scanning the form.

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