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Can I use my older Remark Web Survey forms in Remark Web Survey 5?

Remark Web Survey version 5 will convert version 3 and 4 Remark Web Survey web forms (.rws to .rwsx) automatically. 

When an earlier Remark Web Survey file is converted to the new version, the conversion takes place when the file is saved. The new file will have a .rwsx extension when you save it. Therefore, you will still have your earlier file (i.e. your version 3 .rws or version 4 .rwsx file) should you need to use it again in that version of the software.

Important Note: If you are using Remark Web Survey 1.x or 2.x web forms, these files will not convert automatically unless you also have Remark Web Survey 3 available. They need to be converted to the Remark Web Survey 3 format first, and then they can be opened in Remark Web Survey's more current version. If you do not have Remark Web Survey 3, please email your web form files (.rws files) to Gravic's support team and we will convert them for you (support@gravic.com).

To convert an old file to the new version:

  1. Select the Application Button and the click Open.
  2. Locate the .rws file you wish to open. Keep in mind that you may only convert version 3.x and 4.x files in this version.
  3. Click the Open button to open the file.
  4. Save the file in Remark Web Survey 5 by selecting the Application Button and then clicking Save, or click. Provide a File name and select a location in which to save the file.
  5. Click the OK button. The new file will have a .rwsx extension and can only be opened in Remark Web Survey 5. The old .rws file will remain intact and can still be used in Remark Web Survey 3 or 4 if needed.

Note: When you convert a web form, Remark Web Survey will automatically update the name of the scripts being used to version 5 names. However, please note that in Remark Web Survey 5, the Data Script URL must be a fully qualified URL (this was not the case in Remark Web Survey 3). Therefore, you may need to modify the properties at the web form level to adjust the Data Script URL.

You may now modify the web form as desired. If you plan to combine data for the same form that was collected in Remark Web Survey 3/4 and your newer Remark Web Survey version of the form, do not make any structural changes to the web form (e.g., add questions, delete questions, rearrange questions, etc.). When completed, publish the form to your web site as you would any other web form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the form still has data that you collected with Remark Web Survey 3 or 4 you must do the following to maintain data compatibility:

• Download the data into the older version of Remark Web Survey and save it as a Remark (RMK) data file. Once the form is converted to the new version, publish it and begin a new data file. You can open the previously saved RMK file with the converted file if you need to access the old data.

Tip: If at all possible, you may wish to close out any web forms you are currently running under Remark Web Survey 3 or 4 before bringing them into Remark Web Survey 5. We realize that this may not be possible for ongoing web forms. In this case, use the following to make the change as smooth as possible:

Remark Web Survey version 5 is an upgrade to Remark Web Survey earlier versions. While the products can physically reside on the same system, the newer version of Remark Web Survey should replace the earlier version;  (e.g., it does not grant you an additional license to Remark Web Survey). We understand that you may need to migrate web forms from one version to the other over a period of time. Once all of your web forms are migrated to the new version, please uninstall your older version of Remark Web Survey (always back up your files before uninstalling any program).

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