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Changing Report Properties

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/493780144/54c192afa9 

Each report in Remark Test Grading Cloud Edition has a set of properties that can be modified to your liking.

Open the Reports page by opening a test and clicking Reports.


You will be directed to the Reports page.

To change a report’s properties, click to view a report in the Reports window.

When you have selected a report, click Run Report.

When the report appears in the Report Viewer, you may change the report properties by clicking the box below the report that reads the reports name Style (For example: 111 – Class Learning Objectives Report Style)


The Report Properties sidebar appears.

This is where you can edit the different preferences for each report.

Please Note:

  • You can only change the Report Style for each report individually.
  • Each report has different sections to edit the preferences.
  • Below is the complete list of possible sections to edit; not all preferences are available to edit for each report.

Data to Display on Report – Customize which data components to display on your reports (Grade, Total Score, Percent Score, Achievement Gap, etc.)

Sort – Customize the way data is sorted on your report (Sort Objectives, Sort Order…)

Font – Customize the Font and Font Size 

General – Customize general report settings (Decimal Places, Display overall, Row Shading)

Item Format – Customize different item properties (Incorrect Item Highlight Color, Extra Credit Item Text Color, Display Points Awarded, Show Questions, etc.)

Colors and Styles – Customize the colors and styles of each section (Text, Border, Unanswered Questions, Answered Questions, etc.)

Page – Customize the page layout Orientation (Portrait/Landscape) 

Footer – Customize your footer (Left value, Center value, Right value, Custom Value; will appear when you select Custom as a value for any footer section)

Header – Customize your Header values and colors (Custom Report Title, Title Text Color, Report Color, Repeat Header, Display Filter, etc.)

Terminology – Customize the text that is displayed for different sections on the report

Please Note:

  • 151 – Student Test Report does not allow you to change the report preferences because it is the actual test image.
  • When you change a preference, you can reset the grouped preferences or the entire test preferences.
  • To reset the full report to the default settings, click Reset to Defaults. Once you reset your preferences, click Refresh Report to view the current report preferences.
  • To reset just section preferences, click Reset to Defaults in the specific section you would like to reset.
  • When you change any preferences, the Refresh Report button will become active.
    • To view the report with your new preferences, click Refresh Report.

When you are finished editing your report preferences, click Reports at the bottom.

This step directs you back to the Reports page where you can click to run and edit different reports.



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