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Choosing a Scanner

Scanners have two main ratings, pages per minute and images per minute. Both numbers are measuring the speed of the scanner, which greatly affects price.  

Pages per minute is the number of pages the machine can scan in a minute if scanning a single sided page. Images per minute refers to the number of actual images created when the scanner is a duplex model and you are scanning both sides of a page. Most scanners now are fast enough that a duplex form will not slow down the scanning process much if any. 
For scanners, the biggest issue is selecting one that can handle your expected volume in a reasonable amount of time. Obviously this is somewhat subjective regarding each organization's definition of what is reasonable. Consider the number of forms you'll be scanning at any one time, as well as overall volume, when choosing a scanner. Some scanners have larger ADFs than others, which may be important to you. Read online reviews, too. Remember, just like anything else, you get what you pay for.

Due to the variance in people's needs, we can't recommend specific makes and models. However, y
ou can find more information on scanners, including known manufacturers, on our website.

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