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Color Drop Out in Remark Office OMR?

There are two ways to drop out color on a form, such as shading or lines that might be interfering with your marks. The best way is to use the color drop out feature on your scanner (see scanner's documentation for instructions). However, if your scanner does not have a color drop out feature, you can also use Remark Office OMR's drop out feature. 

To set up color drop-out do the following:

  1. Open the Template Editor and select File|New to create a new template.
  2. Set up the desired parameters and then click Capture Image.
  3. Click the Scanner Properties link in the Create Page Elements window and set the Color depth in the section for Parameters to Color. If you are showing your scanner's TWAIN interface, be sure to choose to scan in color when it appears during scanning.
  4. Locate the Page Drop-out Colors section and check the box for the color or colors to be dropped out.  The Drop-out threshold (0 - 510) determines how closely the color must match for it to be dropped out of the image. The higher the number the more close the color match must be to be dropped out. Repeat for each page in your form.
  5. Scan your form template images.

Once these parameters are set up, test and retest your forms to be sure that the desired elements are dropped out.


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