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Creating a Bubble with Two Characters Inside

Gravic, Inc. offers a free OMR Bubbles font that contains encircled characters including the numbers 0 – 9, and capital letters A – Z. We also have three modified versions of the OMR Bubbles font to offer our customers in addition to the original.

Each of the three variations contain some specific unique characters and some overlapping characters. The fonts are:
OMR BUBBLES – Features OMR Bubble font and adds the characters for numbers 10 - 19
OMR BUBBLES LC – Features the lower case alphabet characters and the numbers 10 - 19
OMR BUBBLES LC EXTENDED – Features the upper case alphabet characters and adds the numbers 0-29, 30, 40, and some specially accented lower case alphabet characters.

We have tested these three fonts and have found them to work well with Remark Office OMR. We recommend that you also test these fonts before printing and distributing large groups of forms. Test by printing a few forms, making a form template, and then processing the form to be certain that no unfilled bubbles read as if they had been filled.

Note: Each of these fonts must be installed into the Windows font directory. When reading the description of the keyboarding needed to produce the desired characters (see PDF attachment below), please refer to the U.S. standard keyboard.

The fonts are attached to this article, below. In addition, they are installed automatically with Remark Office OMR, or can be downloaded from the Gravic website.

Keep in mind for some forms, you will still need to employ the following workaround:

If you have a scale that requires two digit numbers that are not included (see documentation attached for specific available numbers) in the bubble fonts, your best alternative is to list the numbers as a scale and then use plain bubbles such as the capital 'O' from the font Arial as illustrated below. 

8       9       10       11       12       13

O      O       O        O        O        O  

Please take advantage of our free form review service so that we may offer you feedback specific on your design and objectives, by emailing us at support@gravic.com

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