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Creating a Class without a Roster

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video.

If you do not have a known student roster, you can create a class in Remark Test Grading Cloud that is "unrostered." You will simply print the number of tests per student when you are ready to distribute a test. When the completed tests are graded, each student's name will be "clipped" from the form and displayed throughout the application and on reports. 

Please note that a class either has a roster or does not have a roster. You cannot start with a rosterless class and then change it to a rostered class later.

To Create an Unrostered Class:

  1. From the main Remark Test Grading Cloud screen, select "New Class."
  2. Enter the "Class Details": a name, an ID, the teacher to whom the class is assigned, and the term in which the class takes place.
  3. Mark the option for "I don't want to use a roster for this class."
  4. Click the "Save Class" button. You now have an unrostered class. 
  5. Create a test for this class by clicking "New Test". The details of how to create a test will not be outlined here, but if you are unfamiliar with creating tests, review our knowledgebase or videos.
  6. Once the test is created, print the test by choosing "Print Tests".
  7. In the "Number of Tests" box, enter a number corresponding with the number of students taking the test. Each test is unique, so it's imperative that you enter the right number here and not from within your PDF viewer that appears next.
  8. Choose the desired options and then click "Download Tests".
  9. Print the tests, making sure no scaling is turned on and you are set to print one copy.
  10. Once students have taken the test, scan them to a file.
  11. Open the test in Remark Test Grading Cloud and choose "Grade Tests".
  12. Upload the scanned file. and click "Grade Tests".
  13. Once the tests are graded, you will see the names appear on the Test Details screen. You can then review data or run reports. In either case, you will see the student name images throughout the application.


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