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Creating a One-Sided Template from a Two-Sided Template for Remark Classic OMR

Two-sided (duplex) templates cannot be converted to one-sided (simplex) templates.  However it is possible to quickly and easily make a one-sided template to meet your needs by using the following instructions:

  1. Open two copies of the Remark Classic OMR Template Editor.
  2. In first copy, open the existing duplex template.
  3. Select all of the page 1 regions by clicking the first field, holding down Shift, and then clicking the last region name in the tree view. Then go to Edit|Copy.
  4. In the second copy, go to File|New to create a new template.Make it a Simplex form. This setting can be found under the Properties tab in the Form Template Creation Wizard window. Proceed by entering the rest of the information for your template such as timing marks, IDs, etc.
  5. On the new template go to Edit|Paste. All of the regions from the first template are pasted onto the second, simplex template. Save the template with a new name.

Now you have a template that will scan just one side of your form.

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