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Creating Multiple Choice Questions

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/228831716/658da9f519

Multiple Choice questions include True/False, A-E, 1-5, and similar question types.

To insert a Multiple Choice section on your form, click “Add” and choose Multiple Choice from the dropdown. The section editor opens. This is where you can customize the layout and design of your multiple choice section.


The first section in the editor is the “Primary” section. This is where you can edit the number of questions, number of answer choices per question, the answer choice labels and whether you would like to alternate those answer choices between questions. The maximum number of questions allowed per section is 360. The maximum number of answer choices you can have per question is 26. You can customize the “choices” section by clicking it and typing in the answer choices you want. There should be the same number of “choices” you input as the number of answer choices you determine.

You have a choice as to whether you want to alternate choices between questions. By clicking the box, you have the decision to label the choices for all of your odd questions and all of your even questions (not commonly used).

Under "How would yo like the question and answer displayed?" you can choose how to lay out the bubbles:

Display the answer choice bubbles only: This option puts only the bubbles on the answer sheet with the Answer Choices you provided. This option uses the least amount of space.

Display the question in a table view: This option puts your bubbles in a table with the custom question text in the first column and custom answer labels in the subsequent columns.

Display the questions in a traditional question-answer layout: This option puts the question text, followed by the bubbles, one question after the other, down the test page. You must fill in the question text and answer labels under the Text and Labels tab.

The second section of the editor is “Design”, which can be accessed at the top of the section editor.

In this section, you have the opportunity to add a section title and determine the starting question number.

The section title is not a required field to add the Multiple Choice section. This title can be used to differentiate between different multiple choice or any other sections you may have on your test. The second part of the Design section is the starting question number. This allows you to decide the starting question number for your section. This is based off of the rest of your test.  

For Example:  

If you have a section on your form before this new multiple choice section that ends on Question 40, you have two options: 

-You can leave the box blank, which will label the first question with the next number in the sequence (41), or  

-You can determine your own value to start the section. Determining your own value to start your section allows you to input any alphabetical or numerical value up to 4-digits long.


The Text and Labels tab appears if you have selected Table View or Traditional for your Question Display on the Primary tab.

Use this section to define question text and answer labels. Both items appear on the forms. Note that answer labels are not carried over to the reports (you will still see "A, B, C...).

You can adjust the font by clicking the "Question Text Style" or "Answer Label Style" buttons.

The Table tab appears if you have selected Table View for your Question Display on the Primary tab.

Choose the alignment for your table: Left, Right or Justified. You may alternate shading of the question text by clicking "Shade alternate question rows" (the bubble area is not shaded). 

Use the "Max Question Text" slider bar to choose how much of each table row should be occupied by the question text. The answers will be spread out over the remaining area.

The Traditional tab appears if you have selected Traditional for your Question Display on the Primary tab.

Choose whether to split the answer choices across multiple columns. Note that Remark Test Grading will fit the answers in the best way possible for the space on the page.

When you have completed formatting the section, click "Save Section".



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