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Creating New Terms

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/226475145/9f1a872b11

A term is the time period in which you are conducting your testing. Academic years, semesters and trimesters are all examples of terms. When you first use the application, you need to create a term. You can then archive old terms as time goes on. Note that certain permissions are necessary to be able to create terms (see your administrator).

To create a term:

  1. Start out on the home page, and click “New Term” in the top right corner of the screen. You should be redirected to the “New Term” page.


  2. Once on this page you will have the option to create any new term you choose, while also having the option to make this term your “current term”. 
  3. Once you click “Save Term”, you will be redirected to whichever term you have saved as your “current term”. Here you can add and manage your classes within this term.

  4. To access a list of your terms, click “Account Dashboard”.

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