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Creating Two Sided (Duplex) Templates in Remark Classic OMR

This article applies to Remark Classic OMR only. The first page of a two-sided form is set up normally. Use the timing marks and columns to position the fields in the template.

When reading forms with a duplex reader, the second page is fed bottom-to-top rather than top-to-bottom. How you set it up will vary based on whether the backside is printed top to bottom edge or right to left edge. With many forms, the second page will be set up in the reverse of the first page (the vertical axis is flipped). 

Hold the second page of the form with the timing marks on the left side (the way it would feed into the scanner), the same as the first page, and then define the fields. This means that the first timing mark is actually the last one from the first side.

For example, suppose you have a portrait form with 54 timing marks down the left side of the form. When you define side 2, the 54th timing mark will be at the top of the page. View the second page of the form with the timing marks still on the left side and then define the fields just as they look on the form.

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