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Customizing Error Messages in Remark Web Survey

The generic server error messages you are currently seeing in your published web form are default error messages being supplied by the Perl scripts that were installed on your server.You may customize certain error messages that appear to respondents.

To customize error messages:

  1. Go to the Application Button, the globe in the uppermost left corner, select Web Survey Options and then select Defaults. Modify General and/or Question Error Messages as desired for generic use. Save by clicking OK.
  2. Add a Server Error Page to the web form you are currently creating by going to the Insert tab on the Ribbon and clicking the drop-down arrow under the Page button. Select Server Error. You will see this page added to the Special Pages section of your web form. 

Note: If you were to publish the web form at this point and trigger an error you would see your custom text in the error that is produced. 

It is possible to modify some server error text to be even more web form specific. For example: Suppose you had web form availability set so that the web form was only available from June 1 through June 15th and you wanted to let respondents know that.

You could modify the server error displayed for this specific form by doing the following:

  1. In the tree view list, locate the Server Error page node and double click to open Server Error Page Properties.
  2. You may now customize any of the five error messages here to suit your specific web form needs by clicking the link to the message of your choice.
    Note: Each message has Rich Text formatting options available once opened for editing.
  3. Save and publish the web form to post your customized error messages.
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