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Does Remark Classic OMR Support a Sekonic 1800 Scanner?

Yes, the Sekonic 1800 scanner does work with Remark Classic OMR.

To install a Sekonic 1800 scanner with Remark Classic OMR: 

  1. Insert the Sekonic 1800 installation CD.
  2. Plug the scanner into the power outlet.
  3. Plug in the scanner's USB cord to the computer and let Windows recognize that there is new hardware attached.
  4. When the installation wizard appears, point it to the location of the driver on the Sekonic 1800 installation CD.
  5. Select OK and let Windows install the software.
  6. When finished, a message displays indicating that the hardware is installed and ready to use. You may now try using your scanner in Remark Classic OMR.

If you are still having issues with scanner communication with Remark Classic OMR after installing (specifically if you receive an error that the OMRAPI.DLL file can't be found):

  1. Open the files on the Sekonic 1800 installation CD.
  2. Access the Library folder on the CD.
  3. Find the OMRAPI.DLL file and copy this file using ctrl + c.
  4. Paste this OMRAPI.DLL file into the Program Files (x86)|Gravic|Remark Classic OMR folder.
  5. Reboot and try operating the scanner within Remark Classic OMR again.
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