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Downloading Incomplete Data Using Remark Web Survey

You can download incomplete form submissions using the drop-down arrow on the Download Data button. If you select Incomplete Data, you can elect to see data from forms that were not completed by some of your respondents. These are data from web forms that occur when someone starts to fill in a web form but never completes it. The respondent may have filled in a page or two and then never completed it, or they may have paused the web form and never came back to finish it.  Some of these data will be more complete than others. While many organizations do not use incomplete data, some may find it useful.

Note: By default, incomplete submissions are not downloaded with the data.

To download incomplete data submissions:

  1. Open the web form in Remark Web Survey.
  2. Open the Data Viewer by either clicking the Data Viewer button in the bottom right of the screen, or by selecting the Home tab from the Ribbon and then clicking Data Viewer.
  3. Expand the Admin Control Panel Access bar at the bottom of the window (if it is not expanded already) by selecting the View tab and marking the Admin Control Panel Access checkbox. Log in with your username and password.
  4. Click the down arrow on the Download Data button and choose Incomplete Data. Any incomplete data submissions will be downloaded to the data grid.
  5. Click the OK button to complete the process.

You may now save this data to its own or an existing data file.

Note: If you plan to include incomplete data submissions, use caution with the Remove respondent's incomplete data from the server setting in the web form properties. This setting removes incomplete submissions after a specified amount of time (days or minutes). The scripts will check for incomplete submissions to remove whenever interaction with the data (rws5.pl) script occurs. If you remove incomplete data submissions, you will not be able to download incomplete data later. Consult your User's guide for more information on this subject.


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