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Emailing Reports to Teachers and Students

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/337277411/e0a21031b9

You can email reports either to yourself or directly to students (if you have student email addresses in the system). When emailing reports to students, they only see their information. You could also substitute a parent email address for the student email address to be able to email reports right to parents.

To email reports to yourself:

Go to the Reports page in a test that has student test data.


Select the checkboxes next to the reports you wish to email.

Click the Email Me Reports button to send the report(s).


To email reports to students:

Go to the Reports page in a test that has student test data.

On the Reports page, click Email Student Reports.

You are directed to the Email Student Reports page.

There are 6 student reports to choose from to email:

101 – Student Statistics Report

105 - Student Response Report

112 – Student Achievement Report

150 – Student Grade Report

151 – Student Test Report

170 – Student Feedback Report

You have the option to select any combination of the reports to email to any combination of students.

Underneath the reports, you can also select the box to copy yourself on each email message


When you have selected the report(s) you would like to send, click the individual student(s) you would like to email reports to.

When you have selected the reports and the students, click Email Reports to Students 


Please Note:

The Green check under Test Data confirms that the Student has a graded test.

Emailing reports to a student requires the student to have an email address assigned to them in Student Details.

You will be unable to email reports to students who do not have test data or an email address saved in the application.  








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