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Entire Hyperlink is not an Active Hyperlink in Web Form Invitation Emails

The link you provide your respondents has a very specific format: http://www.example.com/CGI directory/rws5.pl?FORM=formname. In this example, CGI directory is the name of your CGI directory (e.g., cgi-bin, scripts), rws5.pl is the name of the Remark Web Survey data collection script and formname is the name of the web form to be submitted (the form name can be found on the top node of your web form in Remark Web Survey).

Common reasons a hyperlink may be broken:

  1. The URL to your form may contain spaces in it. Hyperlinks will break whenever a space is encountered in the hyperlink. Remark Web Survey does not allow you to enter spaces in the form name, but you may have them in the Data Script URL (path to your rws5.pl script) used in Remark Web Survey. For example, the syntax used to link to a survey is as follows:


    If your cgi directory name contains a space in it, that could cause the URL to break. If this is a real problem for you, you may wish to create a cgi directory on your website that does not have any spaces in it.

    Note: changing the name of your cgi directory can affect other items currently installed on your web server.
  2. The URL to your form may be too long. Try to limit the length of the URL by using short, concise form names in Remark Web Survey. The URL may be breaking in the email.
  3. Your email client may not be HTML enabled. Not everyone uses HTML enabled email. In such cases, hyperlinks will not appear in the body of the email. It is a good idea to always provide instructions to your respondents for copying the hyperlink into a browser.
    For example, your email might say the following:

    To participate in this online survey, please click the link below. Or you may copy and paste the entire URL link into the address line of your Internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). Please click this link to begin your survey:  http://www.yourwebsite.com/cgi-bin/rws5.pl?form=myform
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