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Error #1707 when Reading Forms or Saving Data

Generally, an Error #1707 is due to a user not having access to where the images or files are being stored on the machine they are working on.

If you are receiving this error, you may try one of the following suggestions:

  1. Check permissions to all folders related to the software (where you're saving your data, templates, image clips, etc.). Most of the time, this error is due to the user not having proper access to folders in which they are trying to save, so you will want to ensure you have proper access to all Remark folders.
  2. Try running the software as an administrator. Right click the Remark .exe and choose "Run as Administrator."
  3. Ensure that the software was installed for all users. This is an option that is displayed at the credentials screen before the install begins.
  4. Ensure the images you are reading in are not currently open when reading into the Data Center.

If none of these suggestions fixes the issue, please contact support with a screenshot of the error message and a representative will attempt to diagnose the issue for you.

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