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Error 3100

An Error 3100 is a general recognition error, indicating Remark Office OMR could not properly recognize the marks in the region based on the template being used.

Some of the more common causes are outlined below:

1. For the best recognition, setup your templates on the same quality form that you will be reading. For example, if a template was created on an original printout and the user then tried to scan and recognize filled in photocopies, he/she runs the risk of recognition errors if the form changed significantly (lighter/darker, skewed, offset) when being copied. Along the same lines, use the same scanning resolution when creating the template and scanning the completed forms. Do not use a PDF converted from a Word document; the software needs a scanned image as the basis for a form template so that it can make accurate comparisons.

2. Good form spacing is an important element in attaining high accuracy ratings. You should use a minimum of 3/8 inch white space around a field of marks and a minimum of one character space between marks. Forms that have text, lines or graphics closer than 3/8 inch may encounter more recognition errors than well spaced forms. Forms that have marks that are touching (or almost touching) other marks, text, lines or graphics can expect a large number of recognition errors for those fields. The best solution for this problem is to redesign your form to use better form spacing.

Note: Tolerances for form offset and skew decrease as form spacing decreases.

3. Although Remark Office OMR can recognize marks of almost any complete shape (circles, squares, triangles…), they cannot contain any gaps or breaks when scanned. If your form uses light, thin marks, (or if it is a poor quality photocopy) it is likely that when scanning the form, the marks will not be complete and Remark will not be able to locate them causing Error #3100 to occur. The best solution for this problem would be to redesign your form to use darker, thicker marks that do not break-up when scanned. Alternatively, you could adjust the brightness control to scan the page "darker" (e.g., -20) which would tend to make your marks more complete.  (If you believe that this is the cause of the problem, see the Knowledgebase article "Error 3004").

4. Remark Office OMR can adjust for page offset or skew for up to 3/8 of an inch for well laid out forms. If when photocopying the forms, they become offset or skewed by more than 3/8 inch, recognition errors may result. Correct for this problem by resetting the template to the photocopied form.

5. Remark Office OMR can adjust for page offset or skew for up to 3/8 of an inch for well laid out forms. If when scanning the forms your scanner skews or offsets the forms by more than 3/8 inch, recognition errors may result. Correct for this problem by adjusting your scanner's page guides or having the ADF repaired/serviced.

6. You must scan your filled in forms using the same scanner settings you used to create the template (e.g., page size, resolution and brightness settings). For example, if your template is set to a legal size page, but you are scanning forms using a letter size setting, recognition errors may occur. This problem can occur when using a TWAIN driver if you use the scanner in other software packages and change any one of these properties. When you scan forms again with your Remark Office OMR template, those settings may still be in effect. To resolve this problem, go to the Scanner Properties window (Tools|Scanner Properties) and select the checkbox for Show TWAIN Interface. When you scan, select the correct page size property, resolution and brightness in your scanner's user interface. Once these settings are correct and you have successfully scanned a page, you may go back to the Scanner Properties window and deselect the Show TWAIN Interface checkbox.
If you feel that the above issues are not causing the Error #3100, we suggest that you save your scanned data to the ROA/ROX (Remark Office OMR Archive) format by clicking File|Save Data As and then send the resulting file to our support department. We will review the template and images and attempt to further diagnose the issue.

Note: To learn more about how to diagnose and fix 3100 errors in Remark Office OMR, you can see the free, 8 minute module at: http://www.gravic.com/remark/support/training/modules/Diagnosing%20And%20Fixing%203100%20Errors.wmv

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