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Error: the Number of Columns and Rows do not Match when Creating an OMR Region

When you enter the number of columns and rows of marks (bubbles or check boxes) in your region, Remark Office OMR searches the image for that number of marks. To be able to locate a mark, it needs to be a complete shape (i.e., a circle, square, triangle) without any gaps or breaks in it. If your form uses light, thin marks, (or if it is a poor quality photocopy) it is likely that when scanning the form, the marks will not be complete and Remark Office OMR will not be able to locate them, causing this error to occur. If you determine that the problem is due to form design (e.g., poor quality marks), the best solution would be to redesign your form to use darker, thicker marks that do not break up when scanned. If you determine that the problem is more likely due to a degraded scanned image, you can adjust your scanner's brightness control to scan the page "darker", which would tend to make your marks more complete. 

Tip: You can save the work you have completed so far and then use Tools / Reset Images to scan the form again using a darker brightness setting.

Note: When you drag the box around the region of marks, you should not include any text, graphics or question labels within the region's boundaries, as this will also cause this error.

Poorly reproduced forms where bubbles have become deteriorated or forms that have 'specks' on them will also cause the region to report a similar error.

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