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Field Too Small Error when Saving Data

Error: Warning: One or more fields are too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. This error may occur if the database to which you are attempting to save contains fields that are set expect a smaller data export.

The software warns you of a restrictive database field setting and offers several options:

  1. Click Yes to attempt to resize the field(s) in the database.
  2. Click No to save without resizing (data will be truncated).
  3. Click Cancel to cancel the save operation.

If you receive the warning, you have the option to resize the columns, allow the excess data to be truncated or cancel the data export at this point.

If you select Yes, the software attempts to resize the database column(s) in the target database so that it will hold the data being saved. While this is not always possible, there is a good chance that the column(s) can be resized to allow the data to be exported in it's entirety.

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