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Grading Write-Ins

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/226474183/d72346a12a

A "write-in" is a special kind of subjective question where the students handwrite an answer (e.g. essay or short answer) and then the teacher reviews the answer on-screen and provides a score.

Grading a Write-In requires having an Open Response Section on your test. There are three types of Open Response questions:

  • If your test has a Open Response Section with a “Write-In Box Only” format, you are required to manually review and input the grade for your open response sections when you choose to grade the write-ins.

  • If your test has a Open Response Section with a “Bubbles Only” format, you can bubble in the open response grade on the physical tests before scanning them and grading them in the software.

  • If your test has a Open Response Section with a “Bubbles with Write-In Box” format, you will follow the same directions for the “Bubbles Only” Format, but you will also be able to see the student’s open response on the scanned image. If you select this option, you can optionally choose to include an Instructor Use Only Label and click the letter "A" to change the formatting of the text.

  • If you choose either of the options that include “Bubbles” in the open response for grading, you will still be able to review the graded responses and change the grade in the application if necessary.

To grade your tests, click Grade Tests at the top right of the screen. Here you can choose the test images to upload in order to grade your tests.

Please Note: This example is of a test that has an open response section with a “Write-In Box Only” Format.

Once you have uploaded the tests you would like to scan, you will see a yellow bubble appear under “Open Response” in the Test Status box on the right side of the screen. You will also notice that all of the student test scores will be lower than expected; this is because the open response question has not been graded yet.



Click the purple box “Grade Open Responses” to start grading your subjective sections.

This brings you to the “Grade Open Responses” page. If your test has an Open Response Section with a “Write-In Box Only” format, you need to input the Points Awarded. This will award a grade for the student’s open response question, and calculate that grade into their overall score once you save the score.

Here you can see a preview of each student’s test, specifically the subjective question being graded, on the right side of the screen.   

Review Options

Here, you can choose to review the tests based on student or questions.


Student Filter

  • If you have multiple students to review, you can choose a specific student, or you can choose “All Students” from the drop down to review each student in order. Note: If you prefer to have student names anonymous, you can set this in the application Settings (click your name in the upper right corner of the application).

Question Filter

  • If you have more than one question to review, you can choose the specific question, or you can choose “All Questions” which will review each question in order.

The two options under the dropdowns let you decide how you would like to review the Write-Ins.

  • “Question by Question” will allow you to go through one question at a time while sorting through students.

  • “Student by Student” will allow you to review a single student’s test, and all open response questions on their test if there are more than one write-in to grade.

  • The checked box “Only review responses that have not yet been graded” allows you to review questions that have not been graded yet (by checking the box), or all questions included the already graded ones (unchecking the box). 



In the “Grade Open Responses” section you have the option to navigate between students by clicking the “Previous Response” or “Next Response” buttons.

The name of the student and the current question you are reviewing will appear above the Grade box (if showing students).

You can input the points awarded for the question in the box under “Grade".

Please Note: The number of points you can award for each question in labeled under the points awarded box. You have the option to award more points than the maximum allotted for each question, but a box indicating that extra credit is being awarded will pop up to let you know you are applying extra credit.

Please Note: When you change the points awarded, a green notification appears to notify you of these changes to the student’s grade.

You may optionally enter comments about the written response, which appear on the Student Test Report. Click "Save Gradess" before moving to the next student or question.

When you have completed reviewing the student Write-Ins, select the purple box: Save Grades. This will save your student’s Write-In grades, and calculate the student scores based on the complete grades.



When you are redirected back to the Test page, you will notice your students grades will recalculate.  

You can click “Grade Write-Ins” at any time to change the grade or review the subjective questions again.

You can now run reports and export your data.



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