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How Do I Submit a PDF Test Form to my Instructor?

Using Remark Test Grading Cloud, your instructor may email you a copy of your test answer sheet. Please use the following information to successfully submit your test:

Note: If you know a test was sent to you and you did not receive it, please add mail.remark.cloud to your allowed list.

  1. Check your email for a message from Remark Cloud.
  2. If the instructor has included a separate test document with the test questions, you will see it attached to the email. Note that if you only receive a bubble sheet and there is no test document or test questions, your instructor should be providing you with the test via alternate means.
  3. Open the test answer sheet in your PDF viewer.
  4. Fill out your test answer sheet with your responses by clicking the desired bubble or bubbles.
  5. Save the completed PDF. Saving is dependent upon the PDF viewer you are using. If you are on a PC, click the Save button or File|Save. We recommend simply saving it to your desktop. If you are using a browser based PDF viewer, each one has different ways of saving files:
    • In Chrome and Edge, click File|Save as PDF. Do not simply save the PDF, as it will not save your filled bubbles.
    • In IE, click File|Save As.
    • Firefox does not support fillable PDF files. You will need to use a different browser.

      We recommend naming the file something you will understand in case you need to locate it again in the future. Also, ensure you note where you saved the file. 

  6. Reply to the email your instructor sent you with the blank test answer sheet. Do not change the "To" address.
  7. Attach your completed test answer sheet PDF and click Send.

You are finished and the test will now be graded.

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