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How to Properly Size Template Regions

For an OMR region, you want to make the region border is close to the bubbles, but leave a little bit of white space (a buffer) to accommodate any skewing or offset when scanning. Note that you should only capture the marks (bubbles, checkboxes) in the OMR region (no text, lines, etc.). For a barcode or OCR region, you want to make the region border large enough to accommodate the largest barcode or text that you plan to scan. Remember that the length of a barcode or text can vary depending on the data being captured. For an image region, you want to capture the space in which the respondent will write information.

Note: If you receive a message that a region border is touching another element on the form, you may wish to inspect your form design. If there isn't enough room to create the region without touching lines or other text, your form may not be ideally suited for Remark Office OMR. Please visit our form design page to ensure your form is designed for scanning: http://remarksoftware.com/support/office/form-design/.

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