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Images Do Not Appear in the HTML Preview Section of Remark Web Survey

If you can see your images when you upload a form to a web browser, but cannot see them within Remark Web Survey 4 or later (i.e. they are not there at all, not even as broken images) there could be several possible reasons:

  1. The images have a certain extension but are not actually in that format. For example, your image might be called image.gif but it is actually a JPG file. In this case, open the file in an image editor and save it to the correct format.
  2. The images have script embedded in them. If there is any script embedded in the image, you will need to remove the script in order to view the image in the HTML Preview window.
  3. If the image is a format created for print media (done in CMYK colors) you will need to resave it as RGB colors.  For more information on RGB and CMYK colors, see the Knowledgebase article "Why does my image appear as a broken link as soon as I click OK in the Image Properties window (it looked fine in the preview)?"
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