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Importing Class Rosters

You can import a class roster for an individual teacher using a CSV file (comma separated values). If your class roster is in Excel, you can save it as a CSV file from Excel.  Click Import Roster for how-to video.

Import File Specifications
Comma delimited with no header record
Import fields: Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Email Address
Optional fields: Middle Name, Email Address
Strings containing commas should be quoted
1. Select the class.
2. Click Edit next to Class Roster.
3. Select Import my students from an existing file
4. Click Import Students.
5. Choose the CSV or Microsoft Excel file.
6. Click Import Students.

Note: Students are tracked using their student ID in Remark. If there is duplicate data that is different for a particular student ID, it is flagged here and you can determine whether to overwrite the data. Student IDs must be unique at all times (even if you change terms).

7. When back in the main window, click Save Class to complete the import.
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