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Importing Teachers

Want to see this feature in action?  Click Teacher Import for how-to video.

You can import the teachers for your account using a CSV (comma Separated values) or Excel file.  Administrator permissions are required to import teachers.

Import File Specifications

CSV file: Comma delimited, strings containing commas should be quoted

Excel File:  Import Fields:  Teacher Username, Teacher First Name, Teacher Last Name

Option:  Teacher Salutation, Teacher Middle Name, Teacher Organization Name

 1.   On the My Classes screen select Account Dashboard.

 2.   On the Account Dashboard screen select Manage Teachers.

 3.    Select Import Teachers.

 4.    Type your password and click Confirm Password.

5.    Either Click to browse or drag the file to the Import file box.

 6.    If your import file first row contains the column names then click Upload.

Note:  If your import file first row does not contain your data column names click the box to deselect.

 7.    Verify your data mappings.  If you had a row with column names verify they match in the mapping and click Save Settings.

8.    On the Maintenance Mode screen select On to turn on maintenance mode. 

 9.    The Import Preview screen will appear.  If you require on of the import options, select the option and then select Import Data.

10.   The Import summary screen will list the summary of the number of new teachers created, updated or deactivated.  The import auditor to the right will show the number of issues detected.  

11.   Under Maintenance Reminder select Off to turn off maintenance mode.

12.    Select Back to Teacher Management page to return to the Teacher Management screen.


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