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Internal Server Error when Accessing the Administration and/or Data Collection Scripts

Here are a few suggestions for an Internal Server Error:

  1. The first line of the Perl script may not point to the directory containing the Perl compiler. The first line of all Perl scripts on Unix/Linux based systems must point to the Perl compiler for proper execution to occur. Modify the first line of the administration and/or data collection scripts to point to the Perl compiler (e.g., "#!/usr/bin/Perl").
  2. The Perl script you are trying to access may not have the correct group and user id. On Unix/Linux based systems, Perl scripts launched by the web server must be accessible to the web server's group and user id. Use the chgrp and chown commands to change the group and user ids of the administration and data collection scripts so that the web server can access them (i.e., "chown userid rwsadmin.pl rws.pl"). Ask your website administrator for assistance.
  3. The scripts were uploaded to the web server in binary format. All scripts should be uploaded in ASCII format if you are using an FTP program. If you are not sure which format was used, re-upload the scripts using ASCII format. (Note that the logo.png file in the html folder should be uploaded in binary format.)
  4. You have not set up proper permissions in IIS. Please check your user's guide for complete installation instructions.
  5. The Perl script you are trying to access has been customized. Gravic Support does not support customized administration or data collection scripts.
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