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Invalid Timing Marks Error Scanning Forms

The invalid timing marks error could be caused be several things.

First, check the template in the Template Editor to make sure the correct number of timing marks was entered in the template's properties by clicking File|Properties. If the number is correct compared to the form, check the form itself to be sure that the timing line is in the correct position. 

Also try scanning several copies of the same form- do they all yield the error or just a few? If only some of the forms produce the error, it could be due to the way the form was printed. Ensure the forms are being properly placed in the scanner to avoid skewing. If all of the forms produce the error, the problem may be related to communications between the scanner and the system.

First try increasing the reader timeout setting under Tools|OMR Scanner. Doubling it is a good starting point. You can try several settings to see if there is improvement.

If the increased timeout does not resolve the issue, use the following checklist to ensure proper communications:

  1. Ensure that the right port is being used under Tools|OMR Scanner.
  2. If you are using a Scantron OpScan OMR scanner and you still cannot get a response from the OMR scanner, check the scanning mode on the scanner. OpScan scanners must be set to Image Mode, not 3000 emulation mode.
  3. Ensure that no other software is using the same port as the scanner. For example, mobile devices often have syncing software that runs in the background and will keep the port open.
  4. Check the OMR scanner's baud rate, which controls the speed of data transfer. The scanner and software must be set to the same baud rate. You may adjust this rate for better communication; remember to adjust the OMR scanner's baud rate accordingly.

Note: the above information can also apply to an Invalid Page ID Marks error.

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