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Mathematical OMR Regions that use Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimals

To set up a region that includes three separate variables, you need to make sure that there is a bubble representing each piece of information you would like to collect. For example, a decimal (.) or fraction sign (/) will need to be included in a bubble and selected by the respondent for the software to register it as a valid character.

If the respondent would like to mark "2.0" as an answer, they would bubble in the 2, decimal, and 0 bubbles on the form. An answer such as "1/2" would mean the respondent would select the bubbles for 1, fraction sign, and 2.

This type of OMR region is set up as a Grid OMR Type while the Data type would be considered Textual due to the presence of the fraction and/or decimal point that are included in the bubbles you are capturing.

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