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Merging Remark Web Survey Data with Remark Office OMR Data when Using Passwords

Having a password field displayed in your data in Remark Web Survey will cause any data file that is saved to have an extra field in it, as compared to data that was saved in Remark Office OMR. If you try to combine data files from the two programs, they will not match because the Remark Web Survey data file will have an extra field. You must choose to not display the Password field in Remark Web Survey before exporting the data.

To exclude the password field:

  1. Go to the Login Page in the tree view list and expand the view so that you can see the Sections. Expand the first Section called Credentials to locate and open properties for the Question element named Credentials.
  2. When properties is open, go to the Attributes screen and remove the check from the box for Display question in the data grid.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Open or download your data and save it to the desired format.
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