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Modifying Question Tables in Remark Web Survey

Once the table is setup, you cannot change certain features for individual questions, such as the actual answer choices (they must remain constant). However you can change properties such as formatting, whether a question is required, whether to grade or tabulate a question, etc.

To modify a question table:

  1. Double click the table node that you wish to modify in the tree view. Tables are represented by the syntax Question Table (5) in the tree view, where the number in parentheses is the number of questions in the table. Use the Question Table Properties window to make modifications.
  2. To modify question text, click the link in the Question Text cells to display the Question Text Editor window. Question text is limited to 10,000 characters.
  3. To modify individual answer items, click the Edit link within the answer column. Choose Delete to remove the answer item. Choose Import to import an existing question from the web form into the answer column. Note that only questions that have the same format as the existing answer column will be available for importing (see Section 6.7.3.a in the User's Guide for further details). Choose Properties to edit the answer item. When accessing properties, you will be able to modify the properties on the Attributes and Analysis windows only.
  4. To modify an entire group of answer items, highlight the answer column and then click the Modify Answer Column button at the top of the window. The Answer Group Properties window appears, where you can change question types, modify answer choices, format text, etc. Changes made with this method affect the entire answer group.
  5. Click the OK button when you are finished modifying the question table.
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