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Moving my Remark Test Grading Edition Software

The Gravic software license agreement states that any one copy of the software can only be installed on one computer.

If you need to transfer your software to another computer, you may deactivate the license on one computer, install the software on a different computer and then activate the software on the new computer. If you need to uninstall and reinstall the software on the same computer (e.g., for installation issues), you may do so without transferring the license. You need an active Internet connection to transfer a license.

You may transfer a license by doing the following:

To Transfer a License:

  1. Click the SETTINGS button at the top right of the software. 
  2. Click RESOURCES.
  3. Click the TRANSFER LICENSE button.
  4. A warning message appears that you should read very carefully. It states that you are not be able to install the software on this system again and that you need an Internet connection to continue. You must agree to the terms before proceeding. 
  5. Click the Continue button. 
  6. The License Key Transfer screen appears, detailing the steps that will happen to transfer the license. In short, you first transfer the license from the current computer. Then you install Remark Test Grading Edition on the second computer and activate it there using the same license key. Once you have read the full instructions on this screen, click the Continue button.

The license is transferred. You may now install the software on another machine using your original license key.


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