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No Response from Scanner Error When Scanning Forms

No response from reader indicates that there is a communication problem between the OMR scanner and the computer and/or software. You will need to verify scanner settings under Tools|OMR Scanner. Look for these possible solutions:

  1. Ensure that the right port is being used. 
  2. Check the scanning mode on the scanner. OpScan scanners must be set to Image Mode, not 3000 emulation mode. iNSIGHT scanners are only supported in OMR mode (serial port use).
  3. Ensure that no other software is using the same port as the scanner. For example, mobile devices often have syncing software that runs in the background and will keep the port open.
  4. Check the OMR scanner's baud rate, which controls the speed of data transfer. The scanner and software must be set to the same baud rate. You may adjust this rate for better communication; remember to adjust the OMR scanner's baud rate accordingly.
  5. If using a serial to USB converter, ensure that the converter is one that is known to work (e.g., one that your OMR scanner manufacturer sells/supports). Not all converters work well enough to support the transfer of data from the scanner to the PC, so it is advised that customers purchase a converter from their OMR scanner manufacturer's supported list.
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