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Positioning a Textbox for a Question with "Other" as an Answer Choice

When you have a multiple choice style question that allows for an "other" option (e.g., select your favorite color: Red, Blue, Green, Other) you may insert a textbox for the the respondent to write in another response. You can have just one textbox or multiple textboxes per question. When the data are collected for the question, the typed text is placed in the data cell in place of the word "other" (or whatever word you use to define that answer choice) .Or you can output the "other" text in a separate data cell.

To put an answer box right next to the "other" answer:

  1. Insert a question with you response choices, including an Other response.
  2. For any question, the answer elements can be further defined through the Answer Properties window. You can access this window in one of three ways:
       a. Double click an answer element in the tree view.
       b. Right click an answer element in the tree view and select properties from the menu.
       c. Select an answer element in the tree view and then select properties from the View tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Mark the Append a textbox/text area to this answer checkbox to automatically append a textbox to an answer choice. If desired, you can enter default fill text for the textbox.
  4. Optionally mark the checkbox for Treat appended item's answer as a separate question item with field name checkbox if you want the write-in response to be listed separately in your data file.
  5. Optionally mark the checkbox for Mark appeneded answer item as required if you want to require that respondents write something if they choose the "other" answer choice.
  6. Click OK.

The question is inserted with the textbox next to the "other" answer choice.

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