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Remark Test Grading Edition Does not Recognize Test

When Remark Test Grading Edition cannot recognize a processed image, the Unrecognized Image window appears. The software uses the barcode printed on the answer sheets to match processed forms to students. This window displays the problematic image and allows you to either ignore it or apply it to a student in the active class.

Unrecognized images typically occur from things such as a badly skewed or offset form, forms that have many stray marks on them or forms that have been damaged.

Using the Unrecognized Image Window:

  1. When an answer sheet cannot be recognized, you can discard the image or match it to a student in the class:
    a. To discard the image: Mark the option for No, this image does not correspond to the active test (discard image). Then click the DISCARD IMAGE button.
    b. To match the image to a student: Mark the option for Yes, this image corresponds to the active test, page and student. Then select the Page and Student from the drop-down list.

    You will only see Page options if using a multi-page test answer sheet, such as a 200 question sheet.
  2. Use the image preview to assist you in your selections. Finally click the READ IMAGE button. Remark Test Grading Edition attempts to read the image again based on the information you provided.

The Unrecognized Image window is also used when you are processing students that are not already enrolled in the class.

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