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Remark Web Survey Data is Showing the Question Number in it when Downloaded from a Web Browser (e.g., Q=0001)

When you download your data from Internet Explorer or another web browser and open it in Remark Web Survey, you might see the question number in the file like this: Q=0001. The reason this happens is that the file was downloaded as a text file with a .txt extension. The native format for Remark Web Survey data is .rwd. When a .rwd file is opened in Remark Web Survey, you will only see the data and not the associated question numbers.

If you have already downloaded the data, you can rename the file with a .rwd extension. To avoid the problem in the future, when downloading the data via Internet Explorer and the download window opens, change the setting in the Save as type box to All Files (as opposed to Text Document). The file will retain its .rwd extension so that you may open it successfully in Remark Web Survey.

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