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Reviewing Flagged/Unrecognized Images

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/230620271/7fc7b42523

Reviewing Flagged Images is a process that happens after you have created, printed, and scanned your completed tests into Remark Test Grading Cloud Edition.

Once you have scanned your completed tests into the software, there is a possibility that some images will be flagged. This means that they need to be reviewed because the application could not recognize them. The images could be poor quality, they could belong to a different test, etc. 

On the Test page, you will notice a few things.

First, you may see a student with missing test data. If you didn’t purposefully leave this student’s test data out, this means that there might be a discrepancy with their test sheet, which can be resolved in the review of the flagged images.

You may also notice the Flagged Images, under Test Summary, has a yellow bubble under it identifying how many flagged images need to be reviewed.

When you are ready to review your test images, click the yellow bubble.


You are brought to the Flagged Images page. Here you will see the different flagged images that have occurred within your test images.

Step 1, on the left side of the page, allows you to inspect your test image.

Step 2, on the right side of the page, allows you to determine if the image belongs to the specific test. There are three options you have in determining this:

I’m not quite sure, ignore for now – This will skip the image so you can return to it after reviewing the other aspects of the test.

Please Note: If at any time you choose to ignore the image, you will have the option to Restore Ignored Images to review during this session. 

No, discard the image – This will remove the test image from this test data.

Yes, regrade the test– This will lead you to Step 3 where you determine the student to which the test image belongs. If the image corresponds to a student who is not currently on your roster, you may also add them to your roster at this time. (note that you must have appropriate permissions to add students to the system). 

You can also choose to Discard All Images, which will discard all of the flagged images from the test set.

One type of flagged image is a Damaged Test. This is a test that is unrecognizable to the software and therefore cannot be graded; either it is the wrong test altogether or the student filled in the answers in an unrecognizable manner.

 Another type of flagged image is an incorrect image that does not belong to the test. This is a test that accidentally made its way into the test pile.

Discard All Images – Allows you to discard all flagged images at once.

Restore Ignored Images – Allows you to inspect previously ignored images.

When you finish reviewing the flagged images, you are brought back to the Test Page. Here you can finish reviewing the other Exceptions in your test images. You will notice that any student who previously had “No Data” will have test data after you define their test image during your review of the flagged images. You will also notice that there are no flagged images left to be reviewed. 



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