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Session Expired error when Submitting a Web Survey

The following error can appear when submitting responses to a web survey:

Session Expired
Module:  RWS5
Line: 1437
Details:  The current session has expired due to a form submittal.

Each time respondents submit a form, they are tracked by a unique ID, or UID. This UID allows them to go backwards and forwards, pause the form, etc., by keeping track of their responses. If the form is reloaded on the same computer, there is a chance that the UID is still present in the URL.

This error can be caused when the respondent uses the browser's forward and back buttons for navigation within a web form. Refreshing the web page will remove the UID and start a new session. In addition, include Back buttons on your web form and caution your respondents not to use the web browser's forward and back buttons for navigation, as this can throw off page submission.

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