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Setting Up the Canvas Connector

Remark Test Grading Cloud can connect directly to your Canvas account so teachers can seamlessly send grades to Canvas. Your Remark administrator must first set up a link to your Canvas server. Then teachers can link classes and tests to Canvas to send information between the two applications.

Note: The Canvas Connector can be purchased through our sales department.

Setting up the Canvas Link in Remark Test Grading Cloud

Please use the following instructions to link Remark to your Canvas account. You must be an administrator in Remark Test Grading Cloud to complete these steps.

In Canvas

  1. Navigate to the developer key settings page via Admin > {Your account name} > Developer Keys.
  2. Click "New Developer Key."
  3. Enter "Remark" into the "Key Name" field.
  4. Click "Save Key."
  5. Keep this tab open. You will need the ID and Key information later.

In Remark

  1. Click “Account Dashboard.”
  2. Click the three dots all the way to the right and choose “Account Settings.”
  3. Select the "Learning Management Systems" tab.
  4. Select "Canvas" in the dropdown.
  5. Enter the URL for your Canvas instance into the "URL" field.
  6. Copy the ID of the Canvas developer key and paste it into the "Client ID" field.
  7. Copy the Key of the Canvas developer key and paste it into the "Client Secret" field.
  8. Click "Save."
  9. Copy the redirect URI from the new LMS card.

Back to Canvas

  1. Click the pencil (edit) on the Remark developer key.
  2. Paste the redirect URI into the "Redirect URIs" field.
  3. Click "Save Key."

Your Remark account is now linked to your Canvas account.

Give Permissions 

You should be automatically prompted to give your teachers the proper permissions to add students to the account via the Canvas Connector. If you add teachers later or do not see this prompt, you can give teachers permission to add students to the system via the Account Security settings.

  1. In Remark Test Grading Cloud, Click “Account Dashboard.”
  2. Click the three dots all the way to the right and choose “Account Security.”
  3. Click the “Manage Students for Account” group.
  4. Select the teachers you wish to be in this group.
  5. Click the “Save Group Membership” button.

Teachers are now able to link classes and students from Canvas to Remark Test Grading Cloud. Click here for more information on using the Canvas Connector.

If desired, you can import your teachers using the standard Remark Test Grading Cloud import. Once imported, teachers can begin linking their classes to Canvas.

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