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Troubleshooting Code 11 Barcodes

Barcode requirements vary from type to type. The Code 11 barcode needs to be printed onto your form using the highest possible resolution. In our testing we used 1200 dpi resolution from our printers and had good success with recognition. It's always a good idea to refer to your barcode source to see what they recommend for printing resolution.

Some other common reasons why you may be having trouble with the recognition of a barcode:

  1. Extraneous marks are located within the barcode region; it is good to keep barcodes away from areas where people may write.
  2. Scanning resolution is too low (should be at least 300 dpi resolution).
  3. Barcode does not fit within region definition area. (Barcodes may vary in length depending on the data that you are capturing. Be sure to make the barcode region large enough to capture the longest barcode you plan to recognize.)
  4. Barcode is printed too small on the form; barcodes should be at least 26 points in terms of size (about 1/4 inch high).
  5. You did not select the correct barcode type from the drop-down list when creating the region in the form template.
  6. If you downloaded a barcode font from the Internet, this font could have different proportions than the Remark software is used to and changing the font size also skewed the barcode. Try downloading a different barcode font or adjusting the font size.
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