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Troubleshooting Email Notifications

When web forms are submitted you may set up an email notification to multiple email addresses so that you can see the submissions as they come in.If you are not receiving the emails, try the following tips:

  1. You have not properly setup Email Notifications in the web form's properties. To do this, open the form in Remark Web Survey. Double click the form name to view the form's properties. Mark the checkbox for Send email notifications on respondent submissions. Click the Email settings link. Enter an Admin email address and a Recipient email address. Enter multiple recipient email addresses separated by a semi colon (;) if desired. Enter the proper information about your SMTP server, which is used to send emails. You will need to get this information from your network administrator. Click OK twice and save the form. Upload the form to the web server and then test again.
    Note: If you use a webmaster email address as the form administrator (e.g., webmaster@example.com), it may trigger emails as spam on some email systems. Submission emails generated by Remark Web Survey come from this email address.
  2. You have entered an incorrect SMTP server/port for email in the form's properties, or not entered an SMTP server at all. To change this setting, open the form in Remark Web Survey. Double click the form name to view the form's properties. Click the Email settings link. Check the SMTP address and port number you have entered. Verify this information with your website or network administrator to make sure it is correct. If no information is entered, ask your website/network administrator for the name of your SMTP server and port number. Ensure that the SMTP server is configured to send and receive email outside of your domain.
  3. You have entered an incorrect email address for email in the form's properties. To fix this, open the form in Remark Web Survey. Double click the form name to view the form's properties. Ensure that the checkbox for Send mail notifications on respondent submissions is marked. Click the Email settings link. Check the email address(es) you have entered in box to make sure it is a valid email address. If necessary, correct the address(es) and then click OK. Save the form and upload it to your web server.
  4. The email is being generated but is getting caught in a spam filter. Check spam filtering at the server level and at the user level to see if the message is actually there. The email address entered as the administrator must have permission to send emails to the recipient you have specified.

Further Troubleshooting:
You may also install the Remark Web Survey test script (rwstest5.pl) on your web server. Once installed, access the test script from a web browser by entering the URL to the script (e.g., http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/rwstest5.pl). You will see diagnostic information about your web server. At the bottom of the page is a section called
[Forms]. Each installed survey that uses Respondent Submission Emails has a test button to test the email functionality of Remark Web Survey. Perform this test and give the results to your web site administrator to diagnose any problems. Remember to remove the test script from your web server once the problem is resolved. Email tests can also be performed by accessing the Remark Web Survey Control Panel in your browser and selecting the Diagnostics tab.

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