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Troubleshooting Scanner Connections

Most TWAIN drivers will not require any special adjustments, but some drivers may have special requirements. Because TWAIN drivers are written to an agreed upon standard by the scanner's manufacturer, we have found that they vary in how well they function. Driver issues are the main reason we cannot explicitly say a particular scanner is supported in the Remark software. You will also want sufficient permissions within the Microsoft Windows environment so that your desired settings will be held as defaults.

In general, if you experience problems scanning in Remark Office OMR with your TWAIN driver, check your scanner driver's settings. Go to Tools|Scanner Properties and place a check in the box in option for Show TWAIN interface. Click OK and close the window. Then initiate a scanning operation using the Read option.

Although driver interfaces vary depending on the scanner's make and model, they will display some or all of the following settings: 

  1. The resolution on the scanner, measured in dots per inch (DPI), should be set at 200 to 300 DPI (300 if using barcodes or OCR).
    Tip: Choose one setting and always use it.
  2. Remark Office OMR supports color and grayscale scanning, however, it is not necessary. Most scanners will achieve optimum scanning rates when used in black and white scanning mode.
  3. You can also utilize the scanner's brightness, sometimes called threshold, setting to make scanned images lighter or darker. Under normal conditions, you want to use the scanner's default brightness setting. If, however, you need to make shading or a lightly colored paper background drop out, or disappear, you could raise the brightness setting to accomplish these tasks. In some circumstances, you could set the brightness setting to a darker level to help compensate for light marks or lightly filled marks on forms.
  4. If your scanner allows you to adjust the scaling setting, you want it to be set at 100%.
  5. You should also verify that the page size your scanner is using matches the actual page you are scanning.

Once you have the settings you need, scan the page. If all goes well, you can try hiding the TWAIN interface again; some scanners support this and some do not. If you continue to experience issues with Remark recognizing your scanner, ensure the scanner is working properly in a different application.


  • Ensure that you have the latest scanner driver for your model. Check the manufacturer's website for updates.
  • Follow the scanner manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance of your scanner. Proper maintenance, such as regular cleanings and roller/pad replacement, can help keep the scanner running optimally.
  • If you see both a WIA and your scanner manufacturer's driver listed in the Remark Office OMR Scanner Properties window, choose the scanner manufacturer's driver. This driver tends to be more reliable than the Windows WIA driver.
  • It is important to remember that all the settings used to create the form template should also be used to scan the filled-in forms in order to maintain a level of consistency and achieve optimum recognition rates. If your scanner is used for scanning in programs other than Remark Office OMR, there is a good chance its settings will be altered. In this case, we recommend that you make a note of what settings you are using in Remark Office OMR. You may wish to keep the Show TWAIN Interface option on at all times so that you can see what settings are being used and maintain consistency with your forms. This practice may help you achieve a higher level of accuracy in the software.
  • We have found that not all TWAIN drivers support having their TWAIN interface hidden. It is recommended that you turn on the option to Show TWAIN interface in the Scanner Properties window initially. When you scan, the scanner manufacturer's TWAIN interface will appear. In the scanner's user interface, you can specify TWAIN settings. Once you have scanned a page successfully, it may be possible to hide the scanner's user interface in Remark Office OMR by turning off the Show TWAIN interface checkbox in the Scanner Properties window. If any problems occur, you will need to show the scanner TWAIN interface again.
  • If are still unable to use your scanner's TWAIN driver, you may try scanning using the software's Legacy driver. To do this reopen Scanner Properties and place a check in the box for Use Legacy driver, then try scanning again.
  • If you are not able to scan directly from Remark Office OMR, use your scanner's scanning utility (these vary by make and model) to create image files of your forms. Black and white TIF images scanned at 300 dpi resolution offer a good quality image. Instruct your scanner to place the images in a folder then use Remark Office OMR to process the prescanned images. This offers a good alternative when your scanner's driver cannot be used directly in Remark Office OMR.

Note: To learn how to process pre-scanned image files using a networked scanner or MFP with Remark Remark Office OMR you can view the free, five minute module at http://www.gravic.com/remark/support/training/selfhelp/index.html.

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