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Upgrading from Remark Web Survey 5.x to 5.3

Upgrading from a previous version to 5.3 requires script changes on your web server. If you are upgrading from Remark Web Survey 5.0 or 5.1 to version 5.3 you are also required to publish any live forms with the new scripts. This means that you must update both the Designer Component and the Server Component at the same time. You will not be able to use an older designer with the newer server scripts or the newer designer with the old server scripts. If you are not at a point where you can republish live forms, we recommend waiting to install this upgrade. If you have multiple copies of the software, all Designer components must be updated at the same time. You will need to coordinate installation with your webmaster, if a webmaster is needed to update the scripts on your web server.

If you choose to continue with the update, please follow these instructions for upgrading both the Designer and Server components simultaneously. Please read through the entire set of instructions before proceeding to ensure that you are ready to install this update. We suggest printing these instructions for use after your download has completed.

1) Download and install the 5.3 Designer component from the Gravic website. Once the Designer component is installed, we strongly recommend reading the Remark Web Survey 5 User's Guide.PDF regarding the server installation file before proceeding (Start|Programs|Remark Web Survey 5|Documentation). Some information is repeated here, but full instructions are provided in the PDF file.

2) Log into the web server. (Please ensure you have proper access and knowledge of your web server and Remark Web Survey configuration. If necessary, involve your webmaster at this point.)

3) Locate the CGI/scripts directory containing the current Remark Web Survey 5 scripts. Rename the current Remark Web Survey 5 scripts to keep them as backup files.

4) Go to the Scripts folder of the Remark Web Survey 5 installation on the computer running the Designer component (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Gravic\Remark Web Survey 5\Scripts). This folder contains the Server Component scripts necessary to run Remark Web Survey.

5) Post all of the files in this folder to the CGI/scripts directory on your web server, with the exception of the rwsdir5.cfg. The files will go in the same location as the existing Remark Web Survey 5 scripts. Full installation instructions of these scripts are in the Remark Web Survey 5 User's Guide you should already own.

6) Test the server installation by launching the Remark Web Survey 5 Admin Control Panel (rwsad5.pl) in a web browser (e.g., http://example.com/cgi-bin/rwsad5.pl). Your username and password will be the same as that which you have been using for your current installation.

7) If you can reach the control panel, create and publish a test form from the Designer component. Access the form and submit it.  Download the data. These steps will ensure both components are working properly.

8) Republish any live web forms you are currently running using the Designer component. When prompted, DO NOT remove the existing data (all data will be lost if you choose to remove the data). As long as you placed the new scripts in the same location as the old scripts, accessing your live forms will not change for respondents. Once the forms are republished, respondents should be able to continue accessing and submitting your forms as usual.

This completes the steps necessary to install both the Designer and Server components for version 5.3.


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