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Using a Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) or Network Scanner with Remark Office OMR

If you wish to utilize a Multi-Functional Peripheral (MFP) or network scanner for scanning, you may do so.

A multi-functional peripheral, or MFP, is a printing device that also scans, copies and sometimes faxes. These all in one units are popular choices to automate workflows. Some MFPs are connected directly to a computer, while others are free standing and attached to your network.

When using an MFP that is connected directly to the computer running Remark Office OMR, you will scan documents just as you would with any desktop scanner. Due to the way the TWAIN driver is bundled on your specific device you may or may not be able to scan directly into Remark Office OMR. 

When using an MFP that does not work directly with our software or with one that is on your network (not connected directly to a computer), you will scan the forms at the MFP and save them as image files. TIF files in black and white, 300 dpi resolution are great all purpose images to create for use with Remark Office OMR. Remark Office OMR can then process those image files to create the data you need.

Remark Office OMR users commonly scan the forms as TIF image files and save them to a network drive, or arrange to send the images as an email attachment to their local PC. They then go back to the computer where Remark Office OMR is installed and use the Read option in the Remark Office OMR Data Center to process the images. If you are using a networked MFP, you can determine the workflow that works best for you and your organization.

Please see the attached white paper to learn more about optimizing use of Remark Office OMR with an MFP.

Note: To learn how to process pre-scanned image files using a networked scanner or MFP with Remark Remark Office OMR, you can view the free, five minute module by going to http://www.gravic.com/remark/support/training/modules/Processing%20Forms%20Using%20a%20Networked%20Scanner%20or%20MFP.wmv

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