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Using Delimited Barcodes to Hold More than One Piece of Data in Remark Office OMR

Barcodes containing multiple pieces of data are called delimited barcodes. When outputting more than one piece of data, the barcode must include a delimiter to separate the data. When a barcode is set up as delimited in a barcode region, the software knows that the resulting data will occupy multiple columns in the data set.

To set up a barcode region for a delimited barcode:

  1. Create a barcode region as you normally would.
  2. Give the region a Region name and select a specific Barcode type form the drop down list. Remark Office OMR recognizes several barcode types:
    • Code 3 of 9 (Code 39): Alphanumeric
    • Interleaved 2 of 5: Numeric
    • Codabar: Numeric
    • PDF 417: 2D, Alphanumeric
    • Data Matrix: 2D, Alphanumeric
    • Code 11: Numeric
    • Code 128: Alphanumeric
    • Code 93: Alphanumeric
    • EAN 13: Numeric
    • EAN 8: Numeric
    • UPCA: Numeric
    • UPCE: Numeric
  3. Specify the barcode orientation on the form as horizontal or vertical, then select the Data type.
  4. Check the box for Barcode Contains Multiple Items. This tells the software to expect multiple pieces of data.
  5. Identify the delimiter that separates the pieces of data in the barcode using the box marked Item delimiter. Your choices are comma, tab, space, tilde (~), carriage return, line feed, carriage return/line feed. Make sure you use a character that is supported by your chosen barcode type.
  6. In the Number of items box, enter the number of pieces of data contained in the barcode. You may use the up/down arrows or type a number in this box. Click OK to return to the Template Editor.

When the forms are processed, the barcode is split into the number of items that you specified. Each time the specified delimiter is encountered, Remark Office OMR puts the next piece of data in a new data grid cell.


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